BaT- or BaD-man, the Joker King in Starry (K)Nights

Starry (k)Nights (2018)
Joker King (2018)

I made the first part "Starry Night" (inspired by the masterpiece of Van Gogh) in 2015 as a contribution to the 21rst birthday party theme of my youngest daughter. Left upper corner. I decided to  use the rear site in 2018 for what became a new Starry (K)Night: The good knight is surprisingly the Joker, who got a very bad reputation due to the Batman movies, in which the Joker is a monstruous crook. On the contrary, the Joker (or Fool if you are familiar with Tarot) makes aware by joking and happens to be also the most powerful card of the deck (in Tarot the fool is also closely linked to the Emperor). The Joker can transform a card game. In essence, the Old World (our current ego, power and money based system). Mankind can make a restart returning to the story of the Apple in Genesis and reconsider what is truely Good and Evil. In fact, listen much more to women like Eve and share and eat the Apple!  Eve was not wrong at all. She did not get the credits for knowing Good and Evil. To understand the true sins and consistent action will give us a one way ticket to Paradise. For example: the sin of tobacco, alcohol, the destructive power of money, soft drinks. Our old "good" dark hero BaTman may not be as good (BaD-man) after all and is transformed into an evil smoking transparant BAD-man.(see glass artwork above)! Formule 1 Max Verstappen may appear to many people a hero but on close inspection he is just an ordinary pusher of destructive Red Bull. 

Coincidence is a major contributing factor in my art work. I often get some "help", guidance from above? The orange painting 4=1= All for One Paradise (2018) on my homepage below stood in my living room and slipped crashing a vase yielding a "Batman" shape and the subsequent association to the Joker. (Similar story for "The Snake talks to the Beast"). Some of the remaining glass pieces were also used to create the true Starry Knight: The Joker and even the suggestion of the Joker King (the fusion of the Fool and the Emperor in Tarot, to complete the global Awareness/Christmas puzzle.

Messiah BeetleTransforms Old I-World, Blows We-Cloud (2018)

Messiah Beatle
The "Messiah Beettle" is one of my  strongest examples of "guided" action painting and re-use of material. The combination of used material/waste and unsustainable acrylic acid makes it "half-circular" art." A blink of the eye, a smiley,  this half-circular 3D painting is literally painted on half a circle. It may become truely circular art  if I find a  sustainable substitute for my acrylic paint. Now, acrylic paint  is so convenient for action painting, dries quickly and can be even used as a glue to let the objects stick. The reused or waste materials are put on or next to my path when e.g. I am on my bike, my attention can be drawn to objects because of their triggering shape or colour and I "feel/know" that I am going to use them in a painting or as an associative trigger in the future. When is unclear. Once the collection of materials for a new painting is "unitive consciously"" completed, I feel a powerful drive to start painting and if circumstances allow, I can make a composition and complete a painting in hours. The Messiah Beatle was triggered by the fancy cocktail toothpicks and the thick butterfly-shaped rubber.

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Link to pictures of most of my paintings from 1984 - 2019

Link to Powerpoint Exhibition Without Titles Town Hall Gouda 2017

See further below for a brief history about "Intuitive Painting".


Love and Connection

Blue and green are recurrent colours in my paintings. Green reflects the progressive masculine force: the power, must and drive. Blue reflects the cyclic feminine force of harmony. connection, longing. Both forces need to be in balance work to be able to take the path to the New World. By the way, green and blue were  also the colours of the souls of me and my wife Marie-Christine and the orange painting below. We met by coincidence. God does not play dice. I heard her approaching footsteps on the first day of spring turned around, saw her smile and without thinking I said "What a beautiful smile". The poem in Dutch on the collision of smiles is in the Poetry (gedichten) section.The fusion colour, bluegreen reflects complementary love, yin and yang, joint strength.  In 2003 I had a spiritual transformation. I started to understand the deeper layers of my intuitive paintings. The feminine in my paintings in blue and the male in green. My wife choose already a very unusual colour, bluegreen, for her wedding dress in 1991 and I wore a bluegreen neck-tie as symbol of our connection.  Another God does not play dice:  In 2000 I had an open space in a painting. An  inner voice suggested me to paint a whale. I did not take my inner voice seriously.nor the second time. The third time I followed the suggestion and a bluegreen whale appeared giving birth to a bending creature with a red-green head. The story of Jona and the whale is about resurrection. The completed fusion of man and woman condensed in a blue green whale giving birth to  red and green: the colours representing love and sustainability. Bending is symbolic for the king-servant.

Eternal Love

















 Fusion of souls



   Arrival of GOD


Family Time. eat Your Apple


The End of Times

The End of Times

Time is relative. Creation has always been in the Present. There is no conflict between Creation and Evolution Theory. Creation is our struggle in the Present to reach an optimal world. Evolution theory is the looking back on all these created presents and prediction of future presents

To live fully in the Present, mindful, one lives in Kairos, real time. Our mind is not wandering to the past or the future but is connected with the Universe. That is the End of Times, because only one time exists: the Present. A beautiful present!

Ziel in een Verte

Departure of a Soul

Vertrek van een Ziel in een Verte (2001) en de begrafenis van mijn vader op 2 maart 2009

Het verhaal van het schilderij en zijn gedicht uit 2001 hebben weg van een klein wonder. Onderbewuste verbinding bestaat!

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Aquarius Time! Listen to Maria. Share and Eat the Apple


Aquarius Time. Eat the Apple

"Aquarius, Aquarius, let the sunshine in," The famous popsong.  Religious fundamentalists regarded pop music as degenerated and satanic. A myth of the seventies was that playing some "degenerated" pop elpees in reverse would let you hear  "devil".  God alias Jahweh alias Allah, however, likes jokes and played a similar trick with the Jews, Christians and Muslims in the past. The famous story in Genesis about  Adam, Eve and the apple makes only sense playing it in reverse and then if you listen, we can hear "Heaven" or "Paradise"!

How can it be wrong to know about Good and Evil or to discover your inner Buddha/flame? Adam was fully right to listen to Eve and by picking and sharing the fruit  they  (or in fact, we) shall obtain the essential knowledge about good and evil and share it with their (our) off-spring. The Earth will turn into Heaven/Paradise. The painting "The Fall" below shows the presumed conspiracy, the Snake talking with the Beast. In an earlier version of this painting, a Christmas apple was attached to a wooden cross. The painting was resting against a wall and it fell spontaneously to the other site against the gravitational force. The apple was damaged. Literally a bite was taken. The apple was symbolically destroyed in a blender taking the sin, the apple with the wrongful (?) bite,of Adam  away. This painting is a composition of the pieces of a painted and broken mirror.. It was inspired by "Go through the mirror" of the Rock Opera Tommy. The main character becomes a kind of Messiah after going through the mirror. The precedessor of this painting is one of the five paintings shown in the banner of my website. The title of this painting is: The Peacock king comes from the cross and bends to the world. I learnt in India that the peacock is the symbol of non violence. Bending to the world is about servant leadership: the King Servant. I recently discovered that the peacock is also the symbol of resurrection.

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Intuitive Painting

Creation of the Conception of TNW

My stimulating wife, Marie-Christine, gave me a beautiful birthday present. A course in intuitive painting and the key to a transcendental world. From the beginning my painting came from the inside in connection with the universe. Above me painting "The Conception of the New World with my coat literally inside-out. My teachers were Dick Visser (1999-2002) and Willem Hesseling (2002 -2014). If one is interested in paintings, these are available.

Willem Hesseling

Willem was a master in cryptic clues. In 2002 he told me that I had to go searching my own yellow. This led to this healing painting in my Christmas break 2002-2003. I painted it with a large brush making large strokes in full harmony at my own home, not in the studio of Willem Hesseling. The painting is about becoming one, healing, as All is One. Jan Gouka, painter and historician at Gouda, told me the warm yellow reminded him of the colour of heaven from his trances in a Greek church.

I left Willem's class in 2014 after completion of The Conception of the New World. This painting was exhibited at "Binnenste-Buiten" "Inside-Out" in Gouda in 2014. It was also painted with my painters coat inside out. 

Anne Boonekamp

Anne Versteeg is a romantic colourful paintress. We met in the Agnietenconvent in Gouda in 2009 and I enjoyed painting with her once in a while in her studio built by her loving husband Niek Boonekamp.  A small paradise at the Wethouder Venteweg 74, Gouda, where you can view and buy her beautiful paintings : For sales information call or contact Anne (T 0031182525247 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.) or she can work on assignment. See "Butterflies".


Intuitive painting workshops

God does not play dice

Once in a while I organise intuitive painting workshops in my backyard for friends. It is a wonderful way to further connect and to stimulate the painter in everybody. Everybody can paint from the inside in connection with the universe!





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