Ter SteegMC

Ter SteegMC

Societal Risk Analysis,  Independent Quantitative Integral Quality (iQiQ) Development and Sustainability Consultancy & Unspiring Leadership Training

Homo universalis, breakthrough and 360O thinker  and connector, scientist  (microbiology, food preservation & safety), painter, writer, teacher & coach

1990 - 2006  Multinational experience at Unilever: From R&D-manager - global science leader  food microbiology, R&D groups Vlaardingen NL, Colworth UK and whistleblower

1999 -             Painting & workshops

2006 - 2008    Support Food Safety group of Arnold Dijkstra, Van Hall Larenstein (Wageningen): Guidance thesis projects, subsidy acquisition, network building (SME's, Food technology institutes)

2007 -           PUM Senior Experts Netherlands 12 international assignments: Consultancy and  food technology, quality and innovation trainings + leadership  coaching in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

2008 -  2010    Advisor, Principal Scientist at Purac Antimicrobial Preservation strategy

2005 - 2012    Preservation (European Chair of Food Safety, Wageningen University):  Development  distant learning Internetmodule + lecturing in post-graduate course Food Safety Management

2009 -             Development of  training in "Inspiring Leadership"

2002 - 2016     Lions & Sustainability

2010 -             Sustainability: Nudge, Maak Gouda Duurzaam, EniGH, ENG (Energy Netwer Gouda)

2015 - 2016     InHolland, Life Sciences, & Chemistry: Development of Food Research & Sustainability

2016-2017      Top-bv (wageningen) Scientific Coach

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